The Metaverse Is (Almost) Here

It's the social hub of the future, in synthetic 3d and XR.

An ever-growing labyrinth of virtual places in which to meet and play, explore, perform, exchange virtual goods and services.

Do people really think the metaverse of 2030 will be based on the klunky gaming tech of the 2010s? We have designed the architecture of the metaverse from the bottom up. We built it to scale diy access to the population of planet Earth … and Mars.

Our future-proof, cloud-native platform enables users to make and extend the metaverse, while they are in it, with no code / visual tools, where everything you make is multi-user by definition.
A unified conceptual framework hat makes creation accessible to ordinary users. Our tech stack is patent-pending and leverages the multi-thread, multi-cores of emerging devices and interfaces, putting advanced parallel computing principles to work.

Follow us and collaborate on our social XR streaming concerts.
We call this the Mirabilis ‘Festival’ venue. With Mirabilis, we’re just getting started.

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