3D Social Internet Infrastructure

Constructive Labs is a world-class team of software engineers tackling some of the most challenging technical obstacles to the adoption and scaling of real-time 3D and XR social spaces.

We are especially focused on enabling rapid and collaborative creation of interactive 3D spaces by creative producers, without requiring textual programming, as well as on scaling real-time social engagement within these spaces to thousands of simultaneous participants.

Our unique and patented technology, based on extensive research in irregular parallel computing applications, builds a graph-based, message passing multicomputer with a flat 128-bit address space out of the concert of all computers participating in a metaverse conversation.

The Constructive system spreads out the burden of executing real-time 3D social applications onto multiple cores of users' computers, as well as between machines, enabling the full power of an available network of computers to be leveraged to run efficiently. This allows Constructive applications to unlock enormous computational power at low cost, and to enable sophisticated user interactions and increased user loads, all on widely available hardware.

We are currently developing partnerships with forward-looking venue operators, retailers, brands and IP owners. We are especially interested in partners that share a vision for the future internet that includes users actively building, shaping and extending the virtual worlds in which they play, explore, perform, and transact goods and services.

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