3D Model Files

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We support Collada, (.dae) FBX ver 7.4 and glTF (.glb or .gltf) format 3D model files

Here is a utility to display FBX file version number https://github.com/greengiant83/FBX-Version-Checker

Texture Effects

  • Support for emissive textures.. This is a texture map that, when enabled, causes the display of the color in the map at the surface point; scaled by a float amplifier. Net effect: oversaturated glowing materials like lava.
  • Support for ambient occlusion map. This is a texture (B&W) that is computed by most modeling packages based on a more complex lighting calculation. All that this does is reduce the brightness of the pixel in question. Most modeling packages can now emit these. Note: not SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion) - this is slow. In this case, this is just another texture map, but it trims the illumination
  • Debug existing specular and displacement maps - these are not being picked up in importer, but can now be specified manually in the material.

Custom materials

  • add support for any data values to materials
  • Materials become a map with arbitrary values that can be picked up by shaders
  • Template system for shaders (takes vars from shader and makes template)
  • Selection of surface shaders (water, etc)