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2D Window controls

You can move around the scene in the window with your keyboard arrow keys or the WASD keyboard keys. The right-mouse button (drag) will pivot the view.

To make the menu appear or disappear in the 2D window, type CTRL-M


The 2D controls available when viewing this windows are as listed here (but many 2D keys do not currently work)

Action 2D VR
Use/Grab Mouse left button Right controller trigger
Rotate camera Mouse right button (hold) Move your head
Translate axes T or Keypad 1 disabled Wrist menu → Edit → Translate
Scale axes Y or Keypad 2 disabled Wrist menu → Edit → Scale
Rotate axes R or Keypad 3 disabled Wrist menu → Edit → Rotate
Move forward W or up-arrow Left controller touchpad up
Move backward S or down-arrow Left controller touchpad down
Move left A or left-arrow Left controller touchpad left
Move right D or right-arrow Left controller touchpad right
Move up E or Page-Up
Move down Q or Page-Down
Wiring mode O or Keypad 5 disabled Wrist menu → Wire/Code
Play mode P or Keypad 0 disabled Wrist menu → Play
Create object N for new Wrist menu → Store/Add
Properties window L Wrist menu → EDIT/PROPERTIES
Save Zone F8 Wrist menu → Home/Save
Reload Shaders F10
Toggle Fullscreen F11
Toggle HMD F5
Quit ESC

Starting VR

Click in the window that says: Press F5. Press the F5 function-key and you can then don the HMD (headset) and you will be in a 3D space. The F5 window will disappear.

If the window does not disappear and mouse cursor shows a spinning circle, something has gone wrong and you will need to shutdown both Monkey and STEAMVR and restart Monkey.

Pick up the controllers in both hands.

The left-hand controller is the one with a sideways wrist menu containing 5 items.

Wrist menu.png

Moving your viewpoint

Use the left-hand controller trackpad to move (fly) forward, back or left/right. You fly in the direction where you are looking.

Selecting stuff

The right-hand controller ray selects stuff or triggers actions like the buttons on the wrist menu. Use the trigger to select an item. PLAY is the normal, default mode. The other modes enable you to make changes.

Controls on a controller

This diagram is for the HTC Vive controllers. The HP Reverb and the ACER WMR controllers are similar. The HP Reverb controllers do not have a touchpad -- use the joystick instead.


Moving objects

You can pick items up and move them by pointing the ray at the item with the right-hand controller and holding the controller trigger to select it. (you have to be in PLAY mode or 4-arrows mode to move objects - the menu icons are green when they are activated.)

EditMenu.png Here, the PROPERTIES mode within EDIT mode is active

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