Sharing Your Zone

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Zones you create may be stored (synced) on the server. Zones stored on the server can be made be accessible by others. You have to change the permissions to allow others to access your zone.

Login to

Go into Content. You will see a list of the Zones you have uploaded and are stored on the cloud server.

Select the Zone you want to share:


Check the Read checkboxes for Group and World

Check the Apply recursively checkbox, so that all of the components of the zone are included. (it is not checked in this image, but should be,)


Click the Apply button

You have now made the Zone's files available to other users in your group and in the whole world to load and view. Since the Write checkboxes are not checked, other users may not make changes to your Zone. You may check the Write group and world checkboxes to give permission to others to upload changes to your zone.

Accessing a Zone stored on the cloud

Users who want to load your zone must type in the zone reference into the Zone launch window. A zone reference looks like this:


This is a path that starts with Users, then include the username, then the name of the zone.

LaunchZoneTypeIn.png Type in the zone reference and then click the Launch Zone button.

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