Non-Spatial Objects

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These objects are for “programming” making objects interactive.

Vector Processing

VectorProcessing->offset A vector is a set of 3 related numbers, typically an X,Y,Z position, or rotation specification. Offset allows adding one vector to another to do something like change the position.

Logic objects


  • AndGate
  • InterpolationVector3f - given two vectors,and an amount float that ranges from zero to one, this outputs an altered vector that is interpolated between the two vectors based on the amount.
  • ElipseMover - changes positions around an ellipse
  • FloatTrigger - fires a message when a float number is equal to another
  • OrGate
  • Trigger - fires a message
  • IntegerTrigger- fires a message when an integer number is equal to another
  • OrGate
  • NandGate
  • SimpleSequencer - an object that steps through a number of outputs
  • ProximityDetector - sends a message when an object gets close to another object
  • XorGate

  • Multiplexers->Vector3fMutiplexer - unpacks a vector into 3 individual values
  • Random->RanFloat - random number
  • Random->RanVec3

Variables objects


  • Value
  • IntegerValue
  • FloatValue
  • BoolValue
  • Vector3fScaler
  • Vector3fValue

Resource objects


  • Resource
  • Spawner

States objects


  • NonVisualState
  • Tweener
  • Teleport->Teleport

Contains a destination location, orientation and zone. When triggered, it moves the user to that destination

Timer objects

  • OneShotTimer - sends a message after a delay
  • Timer - sends periodic messages