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The .clData/Users/<username> folder in your Windows home directory contains the data for each zone in a subfolder named after the zone. You will find a whole filesystem in there with folders that may be replicated (synced) from the server.

Each zone subfolder contains the files that define a zone:

  • .clo files ("Constructive Labs Object") - contain JSON text data - typically describing all of the objects in a zone. If you put that file into an online JSON pretty-printer you can read the content for the zone. You will see the properties of the zone itself and each object in the zone with its properties. Properties which do not deviate from the default are not included - just overridden properties are included in the clo file.
  • The .dae or .fbx or .glb files contain 3D model geometry. .dae files are a COLLADA XML file. .glb are glTF binary files. They may reference textures, in other .jpg and .png files.
  • Texture files may also be stored in a tex subfolder.

Here’s a useful tool to inspect .dae files:

You can inspect other 3D model files by clicking on the file in WindowsExplorer - the Windows 3D Viewer app will display them.

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