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Syncing synchonizes the contents of a zone with the server. You can download the latest version of a zone, or upload your changes to the server. Sync does not alter files, it only copies them.


This window enables you to choose which zone to work with and control synchronizing it with the server for backup and sharing.

You choose a zone to work on with the Choose a Zone pulldown list, or the Browse button

Clicking the Launch Zone button will start up the 3D viewing of the selected zone.

To create a new Zone, click the New Zone button.

The 3 radio buttons allow you to choose to have synchronization initiated "automatically", if there are differences between your local files and those on the server. The Asset Synchronizer window will be displayed if there are differences.

The SyncZone button will manually initiate a conversation with the server and display the Asset Synchronizer Window.


The synchronizer window will get a list of files for the zone from the server. This may take a few seconds.


The above window shows files that are different between what's on the server and what's on your local disk.

You need to decide if you want to download files from the server to your local disk (Pull) or upload files from your computer to the server (Push).

This window is in Pull Mode, (The button next to Mode: at the top shows what mode it is currently in) so when you click the Start Download button, files will be downloaded from the server and update what's on your local disk.

The little circles on the tree list have 4 possible icons (states). You step through the states available each time you click on it.

  • The light green circle ( ), means upload enabled with standard permissions. This will not show up if the file is write protected (read only). if shoring the file WILL be transferred.
  • The ISO "no" symbol (\) (on a2.clo in the screen shot) means "explicitly disabled" - the file WILL NOT be transferred.
  • The ISO "no" symbol with a "P" over it means "inadequate permissions" ie: the destination is write protected or the source is not readable and the file WILL NOT be transferred.
  • the light green with an "S" in it (S), is only only available when a file is write protected on the server and the logged in user is an administrator. "S" means "super user override". If this is showing it means the file WILL be transferred and override the write protected on the destination permissions.


In this screen shot note all the DPerm items are "---" meaning:

The file does not exist (not readable)

The file is not writable (or containing directory is read only and file does not exist for the listing user)


You can toggle between Pull and Push mode by clicking the Mode: button.

The above window shows files that will be pushed (uploaded) to the server. If you click the Start Upload button, files will be uploaded to the server, overwriting what was there.


When all the differences have been resolved, you'll see this message.

Administrator Controls


You can enter a path beginning with a username in the /Users/ field and click the RefreshList button to see a different users' files. You can use the star characters as wildcards. In this example, a tree of all the zones for user "a" are displayed.

The button "Override Read Only" only shows up in Push mode when the user is an administrator.

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