Getting Started

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Login with your account, or launch the app from within Steam.

If you have the standalone app installed, just run it.

Login with Steam

If you launch from Steam, and no Constructive Labs Portal account is associated with your Steam account, you will need to provide a new username to create a new portal account or provide the username and password for an existing Portal account.


Login without Steam

Login using your Portal credentials.

Login dialog.png This image is outdated, there is no multi-user checkbox on the login form.

Launching a Zone

Choose a Zone with your mouse in the pulldown list of zones to start.

Optionally, if you know the Zone reference (address) of a zone you may enter it in the Zone reference field (and ignore the pulldown list of zones)

Launch dialog.png

Click the Launch Zone button. The zone will load and you will see it displayed in a window:
For more information about the other options on this window, see Syncing Content


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